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Human Resource and Corporate Support Services for Grange Power Limited

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Client Name

Grange Power Limited – Energy/Power Sector

Project Title

Human Resource and Corporate Support Services for Grange Power Limited

Description of the Project

We demonstrated our ability to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses by delivering comprehensive and strategic HR solutions. Our HR advisory experiences led us to play a significant role in assisting businesses to navigate the essential landscape of human resources. Our expertise extends to developing and implementing HR strategies that align with organizational objectives, encompassing talent acquisition, performance management, and employee engagement. By leveraging innovative approaches to help businesses foster their workplace culture.

Scope of the Project

Scope of work includes:

1. Develop and execute HR strategies aligned with business objectives.

2. Talent acquisition, Source, screen, and onboard top talent; design recruitment processes.

3. Create performance appraisal systems and improvement plans.

4. Implement initiatives to boost motivation and job satisfaction.

5. Craft HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance and fairness.

6. Ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations.

7. Utilize data for insights into workforce trends and decision-making.

8. Design training programs to enhance employee skills.

9. Mediate and resolve employee disputes effectively.

10. Conduct comprehensive HR audits to identify areas for improvement.

11. Lead change initiatives and manage organizational transitions

12. Design competitive compensation and benefits packages.

13. Evaluate and implement HRIS and other technology solutions.

14. Analyze staffing needs and optimize workforce structure.

15. Promote diversity and create inclusive workplace environments.

16. Develop strategies for leadership development and continuity.

17. Foster positive employee relations and handle grievances.

18. Navigate HR challenges during mergers and acquisitions.

19. Enhance internal communication strategies.

Customized Solutions: Tailor HR advisory services to meet unique client needs.