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Babar Zafar Malik (MBA, M.A)

Babar is a Master in Business Administration, Master of Arts, and diploma holder in  accounting. Babar has 20 years of strategy and policy formulation, value chains and  sector development experience in multi-sector industries such as Agriculture,  Horticulture, Livestock, Food, Beverages, Information Technology and Light  Engineering. He has prepared and implemented result-based investment programs and other development initiatives with international organizations, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and USAID, among others. He has a track record of success in devising and implementing sector and organization-level development strategies, policies, and programs to improve performance and execute reforms in public sector institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture (Punjab), Ministry of Livestock (Punjab) and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA). Designed and supported business process transformation programs, ensuring processes adhered to industry standards and market needs, and galvanized teams to deliver results within tight time frames and budgets. Carried out research to understand industry profiles, emerging trends, and need analysis. Analyzed and used research findings to identify business and sector development opportunities. Successfully managed projects and business functions, developed and executed work plans, managed performances of teams,  and conducted a cost-benefit analysis to facilitate the implementation of development projects  Developed financial models and budgets for development programs. Managed budgets by monitoring variances, revising budgets, and communicating revisions to stakeholders for follow-up planning and implementation.